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Apis Virtual Blood Drive

Apis Services’ employees had the opportunity to participate in a virtual blood drive between the months of April and July that was put together by the DEI and Wellness Teams.  These teams came together to offer this blood drive because according to the American Red Cross, the nation is facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade due to the pandemic and staffing limitations.  This poses a risk to continuing patient care.  One donation can help save more than one life. Thank you to all the participants!

Congratulations to Ted Sammons from Coras in Delaware, Lila Trusky and Kristi Rapp from Community Prevention Partnership in Reading, PA! They are the winners of the gift cards for gas!

 Be on the lookout for another blood drive in the future.

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One Team, One Purpose in Pittsburgh, PA

Watch the Recap Video below

Experience the One Team event

The recent “One Team, One Purpose” event held in Pittsburgh, PA was sponsored by Abraxas Youth and Family Services, Apis Services, Inperium and Supportive Concepts for Families (SCFF) on Thursday July 28th was a huge success. This event was organized and spearheaded by Apis’s marketing department, Jim Settembrino from SCFF and a select team of executives from each of the participating organizations. The “One Team” event was planned as a networking and team building event, in addition to welcoming our new constellation affiliate Abraxas and SCFF West. Both are based in western, PA and under the Inperium umbrella of partnerships. 

The event started with everyone getting their event packages that included their “One Team” t-shirts, Apis Swag as well as baseball game tickets and VIP bands for the stadium. Everyone then met at Southern Tier Brewery on Pittsburgh’s North Shore that is located just walking distance away from Heinz field and PNC park. This micro brewery came alive with Timmy Brown’s live performance and with all of the employees that travelled across the state and from different parts of country to be on hand for this special corporate event.

“It’s been a long time since we have been able to meet in person with most of our meetings now being held on Teams or Zoom since COVID was introduced to the world. These events are necessary process in developing great business relationships and we looking forward to doing more events across the constellation” said Donsville Savariau, Apis Services VP of Marketing.

After enjoying the delicious buffet and introducing ourselves to each other, team photos were taken at Southern Tier to crystalize the moment before we all headed to the private VIP Skull Bar inside of  PNC Park to watch the Pirates play the Philadelphia Phillies. Timmy Brown opened the festivities at PNC Park with his wonderful on field rendition of the star spangled banner that was well received by everyone in attendance. The game was a 9 inning thriller that the Phillies eventually won by a score of 9-8. Overall it was a beautiful summer day in western PA and a great event corporate event. Thanks to everyone that was involved in making this event a success.

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On June 18, 2021, President Biden proclaimed Juneteenth a federal holiday. While this holiday has been celebrated in some way, shape, or form since 1865, it has often passed by companies unnoticed. However, if you want to demonstrate to your staff that you value diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your workplace, then thoughtfully recognizing Juneteenth is a must. 

So what is Juneteenth? How has it been celebrated historically? How does it tie into DEI in your business? We’ll discuss this and more below.

On June 19th, 1865, federal troops freed the last slaves in the United States in Galveston, Texas. Since then, June 19th — since shortened to “Juneteenth” — has been a day of celebration, treated as the “second independence day” for many Black Americans. Juneteenth celebrates both the end of slavery and African American culture and history. 

Juneteenth is typically celebrated through community events, backyard parties, and concentrated support for Black people and their businesses. However, since Juneteenth was not established as a federal holiday until 2021, many nonblack people are unsure of how to properly recognize and celebrate this holiday, employers included. 

Juneteenth in the Workplace

To demonstrate that DEI are valued in your workplace, it is important to acknowledge and celebrate Juneteenth; ignoring or forgetting this holiday will quickly make Black employees feel forgotten and undervalued in your company. How you approach this celebration, however, is up to you. 

A popular option is a paid holiday and encouragement to staff to participate in local celebrations and support Black creators. Another option is to host an event through your workplace or hold DEI training sessions to educate your staff on the importance of the day. 

However you choose to acknowledge this holiday, be sure to enjoy this Juneteenth thoughtfully with your company. By supporting Black voices, sharing Black culture and history, and celebrating the second independence day, you can help Black employees feel seen, heard, and respected in your place of business.

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2022 CHOR Golf Tournament

CHOR's Annual Golfing Event and Fundraiser

Hosted by Keith Byars, Timmy Brown and Dr. Moore

The Children’s Home of Reading (CHOR) reintroduced their annual golf tournament after taking a two year hiatus because of COVID-19. The Children’s Home of Reading is a leading non-profit  social service agency offering mental and behavioral health, and education services  to care for at-risk children, youth and their families from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh with offices in Berks County, Bucks County, 

This year’s event was held at one of Pennsylvania’s top 20 golf courses, the always challenging LedgeRock. The event was hosted by former Ohio State University legend and the Philadelphia Eagles 1986 1st round draft pick, running back Keith Byars. The other celebrity hosts were one of the nations leading trauma surgeons, Dr. Ronald Moore from South Florida and country music artist, Timmy Brown. This year’s main event sponsor was Thompkins Vist Financial Services along with a host of other corporate sponsors and donors from Berks county. Unfortunately, no one was able to win the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer that was the donated prize by Savage 61, for making a hole in one on the 11th hole.

2022 JEEP Wagoneer Sponsored by SAVAGE 61 for a Hole in One

One of the highlights leading up to the golfing event was having Keith Byars, Dr. Moore and Barry Wenrich a former child resident of the Children’s Home of Reading from 1976 to 1977, tour several of the CHOR facilities and interact with many of the students that are currently enrolled at CHOR. Barry shared his captivating life story with the students and current staff on how his stay at CHOR has positively impacted and completely changed his life. He is currently a social worker that resides in Columbus, Ohio and an alumni of Ohio State University. He says his stay at CHOR as a youth has fueled his life long passion and dedication to changing the life of the kids he has counseled for the past 37 years.

Mike Herr | Inperium Board Member

Apis Services marketing department supported CHOR on this charity event and the company was well represented when it was time to golf. Ryan Smith, founder and CEO of Inperium was in attendance and Apis even had a quad group of our executives and managers in the golf tournament. “We love to partner and help with all of our affiliates marketing initiatives across the constellation and we definitely enjoyed working with CHOR on their annual golfing event”, said Donsville Savariau Apis Services VP of Marketing. The turnout for this years event was amazing with over 80 golfers and raised over $100k for CHOR in the process. “What a great day of golf! So wonderful to see so many friends of the Children’s Home come out to support our event. We thank all of our special guests and thank our community”, said Dr. Vincent LaSorsa, CEO of CHOR.

The day culminated with a musical performance by Timmy Brown and a awards ceremony inside the club house. The quad group with Keith Byars, Dr. Moore and Thompkins Vist Financial Services actually won this year’s scramble golf event by shooting a -9 under par and are looking forward to defending their title next year on May 2, 2023. Thanks to everyone that supported this event and look forward to other Apis supported affiliate events coming soon.

Apis's Executive Team and Managers L-R (Dan Stump, Tom Papa, Mark Kellenberger, Angela Scarduzzi, Donsville Savariau)

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Apis Colors For a Cause

Join Apis Benefits and Wellness Dept. in our Colors for a Cause

Have you ever worn a pink outfit to champion breast cancer efforts? With our Wellness Team’s Colors for a Cause program, you can show your support for other conditions as well. Below are some of the illnesses we want to spread awareness for:


March 2022

  • Blue for colon cancer
  • Purple for epilepsy
  • Bright, mismatched socks for World Down Syndrome Day

April 2022

  • Blue for autism awareness
  • Silver/gray for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Blue/Green for organ donation

May 2022

  • Green for mental health awareness
  • Black for melanoma awareness
  • Gray for brain cancer 
  • Orange for multiple sclerosis awareness

How Will Your Support Help?

Blue, purple, silver, green, black, gray, and orange are just some of the hues on the color wheel, but wearing them will make a huge impact on the conditions mentioned above. By sporting these shades, you show your solidarity with the sufferers, generate attention for their diseases, and create uniformity for supporters everywhere. 

Wear Your Colors Loud and Proud

We’d love to see you wear your colors! Together, let’s show the world that Apis Services cares for individuals suffering in silence. Let’s tell these people that we see them, and we are fighting with them.

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