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Apis Colors For a Cause

Join Apis Benefits and Wellness Dept. in our Colors for a Cause

Have you ever worn a pink outfit to champion breast cancer efforts? With our Wellness Team’s Colors for a Cause program, you can show your support for other conditions as well. Below are some of the illnesses we want to spread awareness for:


March 2022

  • Blue for colon cancer
  • Purple for epilepsy
  • Bright, mismatched socks for World Down Syndrome Day

April 2022

  • Blue for autism awareness
  • Silver/gray for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Blue/Green for organ donation

May 2022

  • Green for mental health awareness
  • Black for melanoma awareness
  • Gray for brain cancer 
  • Orange for multiple sclerosis awareness

How Will Your Support Help?

Blue, purple, silver, green, black, gray, and orange are just some of the hues on the color wheel, but wearing them will make a huge impact on the conditions mentioned above. By sporting these shades, you show your solidarity with the sufferers, generate attention for their diseases, and create uniformity for supporters everywhere. 

Wear Your Colors Loud and Proud

We’d love to see you wear your colors! Together, let’s show the world that Apis Services cares for individuals suffering in silence. Let’s tell these people that we see them, and we are fighting with them.

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