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CrossRoads Programs

Corporate Analysis

  • Company: Crossroads Programs
  • Founded: 1978
  • Category: Non-Profit
  • Location: Willingboro, NJ
  • Year of Affiliation: 2018
  • Annual Revenue 4.6 Million

What is the CrossRoads Programs?

The Crossroads Programs’ mission is to empower youth who have experienced trauma and may be at risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or have intellectual/developmental challenges, to lead healthy, productive lives.

Crossroads Programs was founded in 1978, through a collaboration of interfaith community leaders committed to providing shelter to runaway and homeless youth. These leaders formed a volunteer board of directors and incorporated Crossroads Programs as a private, non-profit organization.

The current Crossroads Programs’ continuum of care includes crisis stabilization and assessment, a residential treatment center, I/DD group homes, a therapeutic pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers program, therapeutic transitional living program, and supervised transitional living program, as well as an array of treatment foster family homes. Safe housing, counseling, community connections, life skills and appropriate allied therapy services are delivered in family-like atmospheres with great care.

Some of CrossRoads Challenges prior to Affiliation

Information Technology

Program operations were recorded manually which lead to missing documents and slow, inaccurate billing and reduced cash flow

Fiscal Responsibility

Board felt was mismanagement of Agency resources and assets.

No Systems

The agency had no identifiable staff training in place many problems programmatically.

How We Helped and What were the Post Affiliation
Financial Actions & Results:

  1. Interim program management was installed to stabilize operations and begin program policy review and create staff accountability for adolescent care.
  2. Property purchased and made operational in 3 months for RFP compliance.
  3. A new EHR has been chosen and implemented.
  4. A new Training and Human Resources Managers have been hired.
  5. Net Assets have increased from $2,265,257 at 8/31/18 to $4,685,675 at 8/31/20.
  6. CROSS is stable and looking to grow.
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