• Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 4:30
  • 135 North Prospect Street, Reading, PA 19606
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Corporate Analysis

  • Company: IRON
  • Founded: 1987
  • Category: Non-Profit
  • Location: Trenton, NJ
  • Year of Affiliation: 2017
  • Annual Revenue 8 Million

What is IRON Recovery and Wellness ?

Iron Recovery and Wellness Center has been providing valuable Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Health treatment services since 1987. Our Mission: To save lives from the devastation of addiction. IRWC offers various pathways to recovery from substance use disorder and Behavioral Health utilizing three distinct programs. Opioid Treatment Program provides medication assisted treatment with methadone being the most utilized mediation followed by buprenorphine (Suboxone). Utilization of medication is adjunct to psychotherapy provided to our clients by our clinical staff at various levels of care e.g. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and General Outpatient (GOP). We are also licensed for Behavioral Health outpatient. All of our clients have access to psychiatric and medical services/consultation along with appropriate medication management.


Some Issues Pre-Affiliation

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Cash Strapped

NJ DHMAS was suspending payments due the Agency’s
failure to repay $1.1MM of contract advances

Brink of Closing

IRON was days from closing its doors and leaving
700 clients without access to D&A services

Faulty Leadership

Inperium provided interim Program Director to address
programmatic and licensing deficiencies.

How We Helped and What were the Post Affiliation
Financial Actions & Results:

  1. Inperium repaid $330K of delinquent payroll taxed to the IRS on behalf of NHTS.
  2. Inperium provided the funds for, and oversaw the quarterly payments to settle the DHMAS debt.
  3. Inperium’s interim management addressed programmatic and licensure issues to remove theProvisional License status.
  4. Inperium negotiated a mortgage settlement with the bank yielding a 33% discount.
  5. Inperium hired a new Executive Director that has continued to ensure programmatic integrityand recently oversaw CARF re-accreditation.
  6. During Fiscal 2020, IRON/NHTS has began generating an operating surplus.
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