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Supportive Concepts For Families

Corporate Analysis

  • Company: Supportive Concepts
  • Founded: 1990
  • Category: Non-Profit
  • Location: USA
  • Year of Affiliation: 2016
  • Annual Revenue 63 Million

Who is Supportive Concepts for Families

Supportive Concepts for Families, Inc. is a provider of high quality services and supports for individuals with Behavioral Health/Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.  Supportive Concepts for Families is well known throughout Pennsylvania for our person directed service approach and for our delivery of qualified and diversified services that improve the Behavioral Health/Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities System. Our service philosophy requires us to establish and arrange services to accommodate the unique needs of each individual, as well as to continually evaluate the services and partner with those we support in an effort to provide the most meaningful and effective supports possible. We currently support hundreds of physically, intellectually and/or developmentally disabled individuals throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Revenues in Millions
  • Expenses in Millions

Post Affiliation Growth

Following affiliation, SCFF continues to enhance its systems supporting both service delivery and operational efficiency. SCFF rolled out its first EMR system, Setworks, which has allowed SCFF to enhance quality metrics, notes, and outcomes in 2018. SCFF has also leveraged the time and attendance systems of Apis Management to maximize staffing efficiencies, driving increased profitability per home, without compromising quality care.


Increase number of Homes by (17) totaling (95)
Increased Net Assets by $2,715,953


Increase number of Homes by (5) totaling (100)
Increased Net Assets by $2,618,600


Increase number of Homes by (8) totaling (108)
Increased Net Assets by $4,175,723
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