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Information Technology

We Look Forward to Handling all Your IT Needs

Ocellus Tech was established to provide comprehensive and cost-effective IT protection and customizable IT solutions to the Inperium Constellation of Affiliates and other client organizations. By relying on our expertise and cutting-edge technology, organizations can maximize their IT investment and can focus on the furtherance of their missions and providing essential services to their communities.

Our History

With over 20 years of experience, our team of well-rounded technology experts, we are able to support organizations of all sizes in both the non-profit & for-profit realm.

Compliance Advisory

Ocellus Tech can help you understand cyber regulations related to your industry and navigate through them to help your organization establish preparedness and resilience.

Comprehensive Support

We make sure all your IT needs are identified and completely safe and managed by us.


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, technology has become critical to streamlining operations, cultivating growth, and maintaining compliance. When that technology is threatened, not working properly or your data is breached, it can easily derail your day-to-day and long-term plans.

At Ocellus Tech, we understand that sometimes you need someone to come in with a practical solution to your urgent problem. Our specialized services are perfect for these circumstances – they are flexible, customizable, and scalable in accordance to your timeline and budget.

  • IT System Design and Planning 
  • Risk Management/HIPAA Compliance Reviews
  • Cyber Security Audits
  • IT Operational Efficiency Reviews
  • Data Forensics

Angela Scarduzio | VP of Technical Operations
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