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We Understand Your Business and the Law

The Office of Policy & Legal Counsel at Apis Services acts as a full service legal and policy arm for our affiliate organizations. The Office:

  • Advises affiliate companies on relevant federal and state laws and regulations to support compliance and appropriate implementation.
  • Reviews all contracts, leases, and other legal documents
  • Provides counsel on employment related issues and litigation
  • Manages requests for information from the courts
  • Drafts & reviews policies and procedures
  • Coordinates all other legal matters that may arise

Our lawyers have over 50 years of law experience combined.

Apis’s Office of Policy & Legal Counsel works closely with the General Counsel of Inperium, Inc. and collaborates with outside counsel when necessary to ensure that affiliate legal issues are handled professionally and expeditiously.

Apis Services, Office of Policy & Legal Counsel

The Office of Policy & Legal Counsel also coordinates a Compliance Roundtable and regular Policy Updates for our affiliate entities .

Compliance Roundtable: The Compliance Roundtable provides an opportunity for compliance professionals across the constellation to gather as a group to discuss relevant topics and share pertinent information with one another. Chaired by Inperium’s Deputy General Counsel and our VP of Quality & Compliance, the Roundtable offers expert guidance, training, and support in order to enhance the effectiveness of Compliance Officers and other professionals tasked with related duties. Topics include but are not limited to: developing a compliance program and evaluating its effectiveness, internal audits and investigations, employee screening, HIPAA and privacy standards, and drafting/implementing plans of correction.

Policy Updates: Our VP of Policy & Program Development continuously evaluates trending changes in federal and state policies and works closely with our affiliate companies to adjust and update policies as needed, and provides ongoing technical assistance on policy and governmental issues.

Corporate Documents

Corporate Documents means the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Bylaws and any other corporate document of an entity, including any shareholders, voting and/or any other agreement or document relating to the incorporation, ownership or management of an entity

Appeals and Litigation

We engage in legal action on your behalf.

Contracts and Employee Claims

We make sure your company is legally prepared in all situations.


We provide guidance and technical assistance to support your efforts to be in compliance with any external laws, regulations, etc.


We take a proactive approach to protect your organization from fines and lawsuits
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