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We offer careers in Social Services We currently have over 500 positions available in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, and South Carolina. CLICK HERE FOR JOB OPPORTUNITIES Partner with us and GROW your non-profit We are the back office that helps your NON-PROFIT run efficiently and allows you to focus on providing the best services for your clients available. SEE OUR SUCCESS STORIES


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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver cost effective, general and administrative services to the Constellation allowing the affiliates to focus their daily time and energy on improving their programs and operations.

What We Do

Through a Management Services Agreement (MSA), Apis Services delivers the Constellation of affiliates general and administrative services – Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Benefits and Wellness, Recruitment and Retention, Insurance and Risk Management, Marketing, Compliance and Legal Services,  Fleet and Facility Management.

The Difference of Our Model

Apis Services assists Inperium, Inc. with delivering their promise to its affiliates of “Affiliation Without Concession”.

The typical consolidation structure is often affiliations between companies with similar service delivery to produce programmatic and operational efficiencies.  In our model, through our Apis Service Agreements, we take a new approach – we consolidate the shared services of the affiliated companies, leaving the programmatic and operations untouched and under the full control of the affiliate’s Board of Directors and Executive Leadership.  As the day-to-day operations remain in full control of the affiliate, our goal is to provide excellent, cost effective general and administrative services to the affiliates allowing them to reinvest savings  and re-direct their efforts into improving the quality of their programs and services.

Challenges for Non-Profits are just opportunies in disguise. View all Services!


Business Shaped Solutions

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and fast-moving, which necessitates more flexible action and quicker response processes.

We Help Non-Profits Thrive!

In recent years, there has been an increase in mergers/acquisitions, asset transfers, and affiliations involving nonprofit & profit organizations; Inperium’s method uses a unique strategic alternative affiliation model to achieve business combinations. These “business combinations” have been necessary in an environment that has become more challenging for nonprofits to obtain the financial support needed to advance their missions.

Mr. Thomas Papa

Chief Executive Officer

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Current Affiliates


States Covered



350 M

Annualized Revenue for 2021


We Help your Company Get Back on the Right Track

Apis Management Services provides Shared Service offerings that include, but are not limited to: Fiscal Forecasting and Reporting, Payroll, Human Resources, Marketing, Fleet and Facility Management, Information Technology, Employee Recruiting, Employee Training, Risk Management Reporting and Analysis, and Legal Counsel.


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Supportive Concepts Supervisors

Ella Murphy | Matthew Rivera

Hear why these employees love working for SCFF and how they impact the people they work with and for. We pride ourselves on providing a highly effective work environment with a focus on helping our employees be the best they can be.

Director, Supervisor and Teacher

Meet some CHOR Employees

The Children’s Home of Reading realizes the benefits and importance of hiring from within, meet Mamady Conde the current residential supervisor at CHORE.

We love to engage with our employees

We Are Apart of Our Community

We know that by sponsoring local community events where our affiliates and corporate partners are located this helps not only with our brand awareness but allows us to engage with one another.


Three Simple Steps of Our Hiring Process

We currently have over 300 jobs available in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and North Carolina. We offer great benefits and competitive salaries based on experience in your field.

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